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ClairvoyanceClairvoyance is the power to perceive things that are not present to the senses or the ability to bring up the pictures of the past times or the present events. The word clairvoyance is coined from the French word clair and voyance mean clear and vision respectively. It is the ability to get info about an event, a person or an object without the use of one’s senses. It is a kind of paranormal perceptual experience. People that have this kind of ability are usually refer to as Clairvoyants. They are regarded as people that can see obviously.

What is Parapsychology?

Parapsychology is technical study of living of relationship that co – exist between living organisms and their exterior environment that extend beyond the known laws that governs the nature. It is also defined as the study of unfamiliar or rare happenings that are connected to human experience.

Parapsychology is very interesting in the sense that it shows the incompleteness of information known about nature by the scientists and that human potential and abilities are underestimated. It also shows that the fundamental supposition of the separation of body and mind is not correct. Parapsychology is an example of pseudoscience and it includes clairvoyance.
Several scientific journals and magazines as been published and there has been no evidence for the existence of extrasensory and psychical abilities like clairvoyance. For this reason, the existence of clairvoyance or paranormal abilities is not accepted in the scientific community but there are testimonies of people who claimed to have used clairvoyance in a number of ways.

An example of such kind of people is Mardia who is a pagan in the North Carolina. She claims to have experience a form of clairvoyance known as clairaudience. Clairaudience means hearing things rather than seeing them. She claimed to hear loud and obvious words that gives her hint about ongoing situation. The first time she had this experience, she went for mental health problem diagnosis.

What she could only explain was that she normally hear words that tells her about ongoing situation and sometimes is might be a word or two words. There was a night when she heard her mother saying flood in the middle of the night. She had to go to her mother who happens to be in the middle of the ocean cruising that year to confirm if things are fine. Fortunately, things were fine; but on her way to feed the cats the following day, she found out that one of the water pipes had burst short before she got there.

It is also believed that visions and dreams that are experienced are also kinds of clairvoyance. Apart from clairaudience, other types of clairvoyance are Claircognizance and clairsentience.
Another example of a clairvoyant is Arran. He practices shamanism. He testify that his gifts usually comes into manifestation when lost objects are being seek for. People usually come to him to ask about lost objects or any missing entity. It is as if he knows where the missing objects are because he’s able to point to the location of the missing objects without stress. “There’s no logical reasoning to involve” He said.

Though both Arran and Mardia got their ability perfected through practice but the advice of Arran is to “be confident in your instinct.” He said, “if you notice that you are always correct about the things you hear and see, you should stop guessing and admit that you have ability that can be beneficial to others and yourself.”

Many people believed that there’s a degree of psychical ability in everyone and that it is manifested in various forms. It is manifested as clairvoyance in some set of people. There are series of tests that are designed to unveil this congenital ability of clairvoyance in you. This can eventually be developed into a useful clairvoyance ability.

Steps in Increasing Your Clairvoyance Power

A mysterious woman looking into a crystal ball is often imagined when many people think about a psychic. The woman is thought to wear an oversize round earrings on a long and elegant dress while she discloses what she saw in their future. This is not done without a fee.

The facts remains that:

By training your own inborn power to see into the future, you can become your own psychic. Do not forget that clairvoyance means seeing clearly. It implies that a clairvoyant has the ability to see clearly into the past, present as well as the future. You might have experience clairvoyance personally without you even knowing about it. Some usual clairvoyance cases are:

  • When you had a bright and clear dream that later came into pass.
  • When you lose your wallet or keys and an image of where you left it came into your mind.
  • When you are driving and you imagine a car ahead of you taking the left turn; few minutes after your imagination, the car turn exactly to the left as you’ve imagined.
  • When you suddenly imagine the picture of somebody in your mind and later in the day, you received a text or a call from that same person.

Clairvoyance capabilities are very useful and their occurrence are reasonably normal. It is possible to learn how to improve your clairvoyance ability to the extent that is a reliable weapon for you to live on every day. Like any other behaviour, improving your clairvoyance ability requires learning and practice. By following the steps below, you can experience a more reliable and consistent clairvoyance ability.

      1. Eliminate The Fears Of Seeing The Future: The ability to see into the future is usually common among the young people of any age group. There have been many psychic development students that recollect being a clairvoyant. This ability is often “put off” by the children through phobia.Most source of this phobia is usually from comments of the grownup people. They normally say that the invisible friend of the child is what is registered into his imagination whereas, in reality, the child is looking at angels and receiving guides from the spirit. Many times, parent often discourage their children by saying that psychic visions are evil. In some cases, the child might see an impending danger coming on her parent and might because of this put off her clairvoyance ability in the name of avoiding the danger.Irrespective of where the fear is coming from, it must be eliminated in order to completely recover the clairvoyant power. The best way of getting rid of such fear is by saying affirmative sentences. You should take two or more deep breaths and in a slow rate while sitting in a comfortable position. As you respire, you should say in a loud or quite voice that “I’m eager to let go of all my worries and fears of seeing into my future”.
      2. Phrase Your Question in a Particular Way: For you to answer clairvoyant question accurately, the question must be stated accurately. Phrase your question cautiously so that you will receive its answer in a way that suit your needs. The ideal means is to be truthful to yourself about the true foundation of your desires.For instance, instead of asking “Will I meet a new person at the dance this night?” you should phrase it in this form, “Will I encounter my subsequent romantic mate at the dance this night?” By asking in the first way, you can vision yourself communicating with someone who is not of your romantic type. But by asking in the second way, you might have many detailed answer that you like.
      3. Take Breaths and Focus on Your “Third Eye”: Take a deep and slow breathes, like thrice after you’ve asked your question. Now concentrate on the portion in between your two eyes. There is the area where a chakra is located. This chakra is known as “Third eye”. It provide psychic imaginings to answer your question. It is this chakra that activates your clairvoyance.As you are breathing, look out for an oval shape horizontally rested between your two eyes. Observe if the eyelid of this “Third eye” is open, partly open or closed. You can ask the “Third Eye” to open its eyelid if it is closed or partly open. Confirm your eagerness to let go of the fear that could block your psychical vision. The recompense for opening the eye is a pleasurable feeling of warm love because you are now reunified with part of yourself that is lost long ago.
      4. Observe Any Image That Comes To Your Mind: There are four major ways in which clairvoyant pictures can come into your mind. It can come as a single image in the eye of your mind, it can appear as a single image that you visioned outside the eye of your mind, or as a movie pictured outside your head and as a movie image inside your head. The images can be coloured or in black and white. Sometimes, you might see them as a carton or a painting.
      5. Increase the Vividness and Magnitude of the Pictures: You can command the pictures to increase in size and brightness by meditating on the phrase. The clairvoyance images will grow in size and becomes lighter and bolder immediately through your powerful decision and intention. It is very easy to interpret larger and vivid images. If you are finding it difficult to do this, then go back to step one and do it again.
      6. Request for Interpretation and Explanation: Before you can be able to make proper use of clairvoyance image, you must know what the images mean. You can ask mental ability or by asking out loud if you don’t understand what your psychic images are passing across to you. The answer to your question can come in form of thought, feeling or sound.If you are still not clear about the answer, you can request that it should be delivered to you in a new dimension. The spirit world will work with you until you are understand clearly the answer to your questions whenever they want to help you to receive psychic information.
      7. Believe In What You See: You can lose many opportunities by disregarding or writing off your clairvoyant images. That is why believing on what you see is very important. You are building more confidence in your psychic ability by keeping the records of your clairvoyant image. Record each of the psychic image that comes true; you will be able to know if your clairvoyance is dependable or not.



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