Is it possible to give a psychic reading by email?

Email-Psychic-ReadingMany people wonder about email psychic readings. How do they work? Can they be effective if it’s only through email? Are they a scam?

People have every right to be cautious. If you’re going to spend your money on something, it better be useful. Psychic readings have been a way for many people to scam others for a long time. But that doesn’t mean every psychic out there is a scam artist. You just need to learn about the art first.

You may be wondering how psychics can tune into the energy you’re sending off if they have nothing to go off of except what you’ve typed in an email. However spatial closeness is just one way to tune into someone. There are many different ways to connect.

When you ask questions over email, a psychic will tune into his or her intuition and energy. They’ll respond with what they find. It works much like in person psychic readings, but it can actually be more affective, as the psychic has some extra time to connect with the energy. It’s not an immediate thing.

Psychic email readings pros and cons


  • It’s convenient. Both you and your psychic can take your time responding to each other. In person, you only get a set amount of time and then it’s over. With email, you can go back and forth a few times, which makes it less rushed.
  • Less pressure on your psychic. Sometimes psychic readings can be flawed because they feel pressure in the moment or overwhelmed by energy. With email, your psychic can respond when he or she has a clear mind. If they energy is overwhelming, they can take their time to sort through it all.
  • You have more options. You don’t have to settle for a psychic in your area, or even in your country. You can connect with psychics from around the world, so you’re sure to get one you connect well with.


  • Some people don’t like using the Internet. Many would rather have a face-to-face interaction. It’s easier to build trust that way and you get to know your psychic on a more intimate level.
  • It’s harder to understand the tone of a reading through email. Misunderstandings easily come up. When you’re living your life based on a reading, it’s important to make sure it’s clear!

Tarot email reading

If you’ve decided to go ahead with an email reading, you may be curious about the different kinds of readings. Tarot cards are a great way to get an accurate reading. Though it may seem peculiar, since you can’t see it in person, many service offer tarot card readings through email.

Of course it’s possible to video chat, through Skype or something similar, to receive your reading. But email readings are just as effective. If you find a reader who you trust, then you shouldn’t have to worry about the validity of the reading.
Your tarot card reader will do the process in private. They will shuffle and deal the cards, choosing a deck and a pattern based on the questions you asked. Then they will look for patterns in the cards. Through all this, they will be connecting with your energy and thinking about the things you discussed in the email.

Then they’ll type out a report. They’ll share the cards that came up. They might do this in chart form, in order to give you an organized and easy-to-understand report. The report will usually be pretty long and takes up to several hours for the reader to complete. So you should value the reading when you receive it!

Graphology email reading

Graphology is another great way to get a reading. Graphology is when psychics analyze your handwriting to get a sense of your energy.

We carry a lot in our handwriting. You may have noticed that you write differently when you’re angry versus when you’re sad versus when you’re in a good mood. Well there are even subtle ways to see what you are carrying with you through your handwriting. Graphology readings serve to analyze this. This can be shockingly accurate.

Through email, this works by you uploading a sample of your handwriting. The reader will analyze it through many different qualifications – pressure, letter size, direction of slant, and connectedness of letters. All of these things will tell the reader a lot about the person’s personality, as well as the current life situation they are in.

The reader will then respond with their report. This is much like any other report for other readings. It will give an overview and then pinpoint any questions or concerns the client has.

Many like this form of reading, because it feels more concrete. While tarot cards seem to be left up to chance, graphology is the analysis of something real about the person. While readers still connect with the person’s energy, people who are more inclined to skepticism tend to like this type of reading more.

Other email readings

Of course there are other types of psychic readings too. Almost every type can be done online in some way, shape, or form. Other types include aura reading, numerology, astrology, rune readings, and more.

Certain types, like palm readings, unfortunately have to be done in person. But who knows what the future holds for technology. Unfortunately, that might be something psychics can’t predict!

If you’re interested in doing a psychic reading online, you’ll be happy to know that many people are doing it across the web. Whether you’re too nervous to do it in person, or you just like the ease of email, you have great reasons to try out an email psychic reading today. You can go online and peruse different psychics. Make sure to find one you connect with and can trust. That’s the most important thing. Happy readings!