Energy healing, types of therapies

Energy healing, types of therapies

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energy-healingsEnergy healing has many synonyms which represent generally represent a type of healing which is promoted by enhancing energy flow and correction of disturbances in aura, or human energy field. Similar terms to energy healing are energy medicine, energy work, energy therapy, hands-on healing, spiritual healing or subtle energy therapy.

By improving the aura of a person, the flow of energy present in the energy field provides regeneration and healing of body’s self-healing capacity. And, since the whole universe is consisted of energy, the healing itself, as a process, involves energy. Today’s healing methods are concentrated on dealing with emotional, mental or physical problems which occur within the ill person, but not with deeper energy that is within us.

Energy healing is completely based on the energetic level of being itself, making this type of practice holistic. If a certain person has disturbances in the specific part of the body, we wish to address our energy to these areas and support the healing process. The present types of energy healing processes have the same basic principles which they follow, but differ between each other, depending on the types of training, philosophies, models of energy fields and techniques.

The most popular types of energy healings, which will be discussed here, are aura & chakra clearing, repair and balancing, reiki, flower, gem and environmental remedies, crystal healing and nadi repair.

Aura and chakra clearing, repair and balancing

Since this energy healing technique is dependent on the body’s ability to provide the self-healing and energy, under certain disturbances the chakras and auric bodies can be blocked or completely depleted in energies. Such life’s disturbances may therefore lead to manifestation of physical illnesses, if the blockages aren’t cleared, making the energetic system weak.

The practitioner of this healing technique represents a conduit for the universal life force and required healing energy, allowing the process to be successfully managed. The technique uses assessment of chakras and auras to determine the position of energy imbalances which occur in the energy field.

The procedure is completely non-invasive and practitioner rebalances and clears present subtle energy channel, by using the therapeutic modalities and intuitive healing skills. This process doesn’t bring only pain relief and relaxation, but it allows the deeper healing based on spiritual, emotional and mental level. A person who receives the treatment may experience the flow of the energy which is manifested by the feeling of tingling, relaxation, cooling or warmth.


Reiki represents an ancient healing technique which is based on hands-on-healing method and originally comes from Japan. A person who practices the healing acts as universal energy channel. The Reiki treatment enables the provision of specific energy to the problem’s source and unblocks the trapped vital force present in specific organ. This method utilizes various.

Reiki puts the energy balance in the body back to the balance, by promoting the healing and deep relaxation on spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level. It releases the blocked energy, prevents various diseases and maintains the life’s balance. Reiki practice boosts energy levels up, minimises present pain and speeds the physical healing of the body. Great about this method is that it could be done remotely.

Flower, gem and environmental remedies

This healing technique is made of remedies that are obtained from vibrational (energy) patterns of certain flower species, gems, events or places, and placed into the spring water. Each essence type has a special imprint which works within the energy field to loosen the energy blockages and achieve the balance of specific emotional or mental patterns that are the cause of undesirable conditions or physical ailments.

Once the negativity and blockage are removed, emotional, mental and physical enhancement may occur. These vibrational essences are extremely safe and gentle to use, with no side effects present. The principle of their use is performed by taking a few essence drops under the tongue, or in a glass of water ready to be sipped at certain intervals. In order to prevent bacterial growth in these essences, a small amount of brandy is used, yet other preservatives could also be used for those people sensitive to alcohol.

Crystal healing

Another form of energy healing includes the use of crystals in practice called crystal healing. Certain crystals may be used as important energy balancing tool which are powerful when used solely, or in combination with other energy healing techniques such as reiki.

Each of the crystals can be used for energy healing, by placing specific type of crystals in the aura or each chakra position, in order to regain the life’s balance, peace and tranquillity. The process itself is considered as peaceful and relaxing, and provides emotional, physical and mental relaxation and comfort.

Nadi repair

This efficient and popular technique is based on esoteric philosophy and eastern medicine and it provides the ultimate healing process. The technique uses the Nadi energy system and it involves repairing the damage to the body system and clearing the blocks that prevent the vitality of our system.

The Nadi energy system connects the subtle energy systems present in our body and allows the communication between the auras and chakras, providing the benefit to the body. When this energy system is blocked, the appropriate communication between the energy areas is insufficient, which leads to poor self-healing and the progress of certain illnesses.

The Nadi damage is common after traumas and physical injuries and could be one of the main reasons for certain injuries to heal completely. If Nadi repair is practiced correctly, the connection between the energy fields in the body could be regain, which means that energy sources may help each other in the healing process, providing the needed treatment.

Such practice, including the previous mentioned ones, are becoming more and more popular, since general medicine is not enough for ultimate healing processes. In order to regain our health, the best possible way is to combine the medicine with energy healing and provide our body the ultimate way of pure health.


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