Is acupunture safe during pregnancy?

Is acupunture safe during pregnancy?

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acupunture-safe-during-pregnancyIt is true that many of the description drugs and medical treatments are not safe for the pregnant ladies. But what about the acupuncture? Well, this traditional Chinese discipline is considered as a safe and effective treatment which could be performed during the pregnancy. Thanks to that many problems which pregnant women have can be overcome thanks to this wonderful and ancient Chinese practice.

But, first of all, it is important to say that acupuncture is not and cannot be a substitute for any Western prenatal medical treatment. It can be referred as the complementary care with manzy benefits, which can help the contemporary medical treatment. Thanks to very few side effects, acupuncture is considered safe for pregnant women. Therefore, more and more pregnant women are seeking an alternative to drug therapy, for many common pregnancy problems and complaints.

Acupuncture is, as many of us already know, based on historical diagnostic theories that go way back for more than 2 000 years and have the roots for the pregnancy treatment. Surely, today’s medicine is based on the contemporary scientific research under which acupuncture doesn’t actually belong. Medical treatments should be evidence-based and should undergo some important safety standards. The only rule which acupuncture has to include in order to be safe is to complete the standard for needle safety and sterility. Such standards are strict and are only applied to lincenced acupuncturists, so it is important to seek help from the official practitioners before any other taken action.

Yet, the studies related to the acupuncture have shown that it is actually effective for morning sickness, stress, low back and hip pain, mild to moderate depression, breech position, labour induction and it also shortens the length of labour. All of these problems are related to the pregnant women and are quite common issues which should be treated adequately. Great thing is that acupuncture can also help with the fertility problems. Some studies have shown that acupuncture increases the chance that ART, or assisted reproductive technologies, will result in live birth by more than 10 percent.

Some peer-reviewed scientific studies haven’t discovered an increased risk related to prenancy and acupuncture practice. A study performed at Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Australia showed that the acupuncture bear no increased risk of miscarriage, congenital anomalies, pregnancy-induced hypertension, plancetal abruption, premature birth, preeclamspia. This study performed at Adelaide University also showed that neonatal health shows normal measures (such as birth weight or maturity), when a woman receives acupuncture during a pregnancy. The study was conducted in the first pregnancy trimester, during which the fetal development is the most vulnerable. The good thing is that this study has been replicated at other research centres worldwide, where the same results were given.

It is very important to find a qualified acupuncturist, who will be one who’ll get rid off the pregnancy issues efficiently. The best practitioners are those who have devoted years and years of training and who have become trained professionals in acupuncture. Those people have graduated and are licenced in their state or country as official acupuncturists. For example, un the U.S:A., acupuncturists who are board-certified by NCCAOM, or National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), are those who have graduated the most intense programs for acupuncture. After they graduate, they either have the status of Diplomates in Acupuncture, or NCCAOM, or Diplomates in Oriental Medicine, or NCCAOM. California has a different story, because it has its own licencing system, by which a licenced acupuncturists also graduates from an extensive, a bit different graduate program.

In Western medicine world, many of the acupuncturists are specialized in certain acupuncture practices, including the pregnancy discipline. It is no wonder that many acupuncturists adverties the specialty of their own, to it is always appropriate to ask about their education, experience and specialty when it comes to pregnancy treatment. Please be sure that you are comfortable with the level of expertise of your acupuncturist, before starting the necessary treatment.

So, one of the main questions which pregnant women like to ask is when is it the best time to visit the acupuncturist? Well, if you are already pregnant, it would be totally okay to visit an acupuncture practitioner as soon as possible. Especially, it is good if you have temper morning sickness or any other common symptoms related to the first trimester. During the healthy pregnancy, acupuncture treatment once a month would be quite fine as a tune up treatment, ensuring that all the things are balanced and flowing smoothly.

For those who have suffered a pregnancy loss in the past, frequent treatments are recommended, especially during the first trimester when the miscarriages are the most common. This kind of support will surely help you to go through the first month and keep your body firm, healthy and strong over the course of the pregnancy. When the pregnancy comes close to the 37th, 38th week, your acupuncturist may suggest to come more often in order to help you prepare your body for the labour.

If you asked yourself whether acupuncture is good for labour induction, then the answer is no. This is only reserved for the contemporary medicine and modern medical treatments. But, as said, acupuncturist can prepare you and your baby for the appearance in the world, making the labour and delivery a bit easier. The biggest factor that many women battle throughout the pregnancy is the stress. With acupuncture, it is possible to reduce anxiety and stress in these moments, which is quite important for the future mothers.

Acupuncture is a great practice and if used correctly, it can help a future mother to deliver the baby, making the labour and delivery a bit easier. It is important to consult a certified acupuncturist, as these people are specialized in their discipline. Acupuncture can help you with the pregnancy and get you rid of the biggest pregnancy risk factor present – stress. In this manner, acupuncture can be quite helpful, so it is recommended during the pregnancy stadium, from the very beginning to the very end.


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