Love tarot reading

Love tarot reading

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love-tarotProbably the most popular tarot reading which could be done for a person is a reading related to love. Almost everyone wishes to know who the other person is who will make them happy for the rest of their lives and who will bring ultimate happiness to them. It’s no wonder that more and more people seek for true love tarot reading, in order to recognize a true person for them and to have additional information needed for seeking the true love.

There are many love cards, in both tarot and oracle deck which are related to this kind of reading and these decks can resolve all the relationship and love questions. Love tarot reading is performed with the assistance of tarot love cards where reader explains the meaning of the cards and their combination. As said, love tarot decks are various and can be different, orienting themselves to explain various questions about love and relationship.

Angel Love Cards

This deck of cards shows the person how to channel the love’s power of the angles, with 40 amazingly structured large-size cards and additional prayers, actions and associated quotes. Such deck is not designed for the classic reading but for the single card drawing and medication, guidance and contemplation.

Art Nouveau Tarot

This gorgeously coloured and decorated love deck, represents a vibrant and stained-glass imagery style. The major arcana cards are represented in traditional way, while the minor arcana cards are unique in its way, telling the story about four couples who go through tribulations and trials of life together.

Celebration of Love Oracle Cards

This love deck is based on everything that celebrates our wish for pure love and the world which represents our lives. These 60 cards contain an inspirational keyword at the card’s top and additional inset illustration of dolphin, fairy, fantasy or angel.

Heart Tarot

This tarot celebrates unimaginably potent and vital force which completes our lives: love. Such love deck inspired by the most unique and the most beautiful feeling in the world is only the second deck shaped in the form of heart.

Love Pack

The divination set of beautifully designed 84 cards is related especially to relationships. It meant for those who seek romance and love and who wish to expand their partner potential. Vivid colours and vibrant images will make you fall in love with this deck.

Love tarot

Such tarot deck represents a simple, yet traditional set with majors only. The collage of cards has traditional imagery of tarot presented in classical and Victorian looking style.

Lover’s Path Tarot

Made by the artist who has as well designed Goddess Tarot, this tarot deck contains various legends and love stories from all the parts of the world, linking themselves to tarot archetypes. This set of 78 cards can be either used for individual readings, or even relationship and love readings.

Lovers Oracle

The romantic love deck of 44 cards shaped in the form of heart, contains the beautiful the beautiful imagery with short phrases meant to present love in the most beautiful art form. It is also beautifully packed in the heart-shaped box which contains a 44-page booklet.

Lovers Oracle

Another love deck of the same name, Lovers Oracle has 45 romantic and evocative heart-shaped cards. Beautiful imagery is present on the front, while the back has the meanings of each card presented. This is expanded and revised edition, with an extra card and new messages and pieces of advice.

Lovers Tarot

This is majors-only deck dedicated solely to love, representing the love’s questions and answers. The imagery of this deck contains medieval/renaissance combination of constellation charts, alchemy, astrology and maps which all complete the appearance.

Magical Heart Healing Cards

This set of cards inspired by the author’s healing journey, providing encouragement and guidance to those who are on their quest for joy, magic and new love. The deck contains 142 cards and has empowering and uplifting affirmations and messages.

Poppy’s Love Cards

This is one of the largest sets available, with over 200 cards aimed towards the precise answers related to love and relationship questions. There are no images available, but only text on matter-textured cards.

Psychic Tarot for the Heart

The tarot-inspired love deck has 65 cards, with guidance aimed towards the all types of love and relationships. There are present 22 cards of major arcana, 36 cards of minor arcana and additional 6 chakra cards. Illustrations are beautiful and gentle and will suit absolutely anyone.

Romance Angels Oracle

This 44 card deck is designed especially for love and relationship readings. It has an amazing mix of angelic art, historical paintings and mix of photographs, presented on pink base panel and printed with phrases related to love advice.

Tarot de la Felicidad

This is, as suggested, a Spanish non-traditional love deck which is simplified and oriented towards the love questions. The major arcana is reordered and renamed, while there are only nine numbered minor arcana cards, with a total of 72 in this deck.

Tarot of Love

This tarot deck focuses on relationship and love. The art is vibrant and pretty, picturing 78 scene paintings which are cut into various shapes and size, set into a beautiful and pure white background.

The AlphaBet for Lovers

This deck is derived from Hebrew alphabet, represented in 72 cards, providing prophecy, advice and insight about relationships and love. These cards are as well shaped in the heart form, having an illustration on the front and Hebrew and English text on the back.

True Love Tarot

This love deck gives advice on finding your soul mate and perfect relationship. The 78-card deck has fabric collages similar to style of Enchanted Tarot. Minor arcana is divided into four different and pretty suits: Wings (Swords), Gems (Pentacles), Roses (Wands) and Shells (Cups).

Universal Love Cards

This 45 intuitive card deck has vivid and beautiful paintings packed in combination with a 60-page book. It is meant not only for love and relationships, but for guidance, healing and inspiration.


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