Meditation for depression

Meditation for depression

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Meditation: a way of living

Internal peace of mind and soul is needed factor in the present life where person has no time to breathe properly. Meditation is one established way which helps your mind to get peace, it is taken as art of living and many benefit from this art. It is a form which has a much relevance in present era as the mind is never at peace and where the first thing and last thing in day is worry and stress in such situation with the aid of yoga one achieves internal peace and state of mental satisfaction, which is of utmost importance for human survival.

Meditation: what is it?

To know how to perform it is necessary to know what meditation is. Meditation is an ancient Indian art which involves multiple practices and forms which releases the built stress inside you. Basically, it is a technique for aimed concentration to reach to the level of serenity. With meditation there are numerable benefits. In fact there are diseases and health issues which can be solved with the help of meditation.

Meditation can be said as the process to delink the outer world and inner soul and reach the highest level of concentration which is a complete state of mental rest. The benefits of meditation are not only approved by the ancient practitioners but also a scientific approved procedure for peace of brain and also for physical ailments. Blood pressure can be controlled with the regular meditation as it calm down the senses. In fact the power of meditation can treat the problems of asthma as breathing is an important thing while carrying out the meditation. Meditation is not a problem solver which will solve your problems automatically it just help you to relax and feel calm.

How it works?

With continues work our body gets tired physically, so we opt for resting, in the same way meditation is a procedure to give brain rest. The meditation works on simple process of cutting down you from all thoughts and then giving you inner peace. Meditation is no tough process; it is simply connecting yourself to your soul more. So, when you start concentrating, you ultimately get the track of your breathing and slowly and gradually you reach to level of higher concentration and getting aloof from outer thoughts and emotions.

Well, there are two level of meditation broadly which are inscribed in Buddhist scriptures and according to them meditation works in following procedure:

  • The first stage is of the physical aloofness and mental peace. You feel lighter when you enter into the first stage of concentration, though surroundings can affect you at this stage. This is called the shamatha.
  • The next stage is of complete aloofness and in Sanskrit termed as Vipashyana, and this is level graver where a person reaches to higher concentration level.

These two stages are very important as without achieving the containment at first you can’t proceed to further stage. Remember it takes time to get the maximum benefit with meditation.

Techniques of meditation:

Meditation can’t be categorized with single technique; it is of different types and implies different techniques. Yoga is one of the most distinguished forms of meditation which is highly useful and effective. Yoga in Hindu mythology is a celebrated form of meditation which helps human to enrich and experience a different world. Well to start with the meditation, there are few techniques which should be considered.

  1. Choosing the place:The place of meditation plays a key role and to meditate in right technique the first thing is to choose the place which is peaceful, no one can meditate around noise. So, it is necessary to choose the clean and environment free from all types of noises and sound this will give you and your concentration a boost.
  2. Concentration:This is the first important technique of meditation where you leave all worries and concentrate on one point. To concentrate, close eyes and think of a point and just focus on the point. And take breath and breathe out. Doing this for half an hour to one hour can give you mental peace.
    Using point board to concentrate is another known technique for concentration while meditating in which you concentrate on board and then travel into the world of infinity.
  3. Proper posture:Though, modern studies do suggest that it is not necessary to cross your legs and sit still posture plays a vital role in meditation. In fact the wrong posture cannot give the same results. The way you sit while meditating is very necessary.So make sure that daily a routine meditation session is carried out by you which will give you positive and benefits results.
  4. Specified time:Decode your time for meditation because without which you will not be able to communicate well. Time plays again a reasonable role because limiting yourself for fewer minutes will not give you results and exceeding too would never give result.

Depression and meditation: a way to cure problem

Over thinking has always caused anxiety and greater anxiety has lead to depression. To deal with the issue modern men go to psychologists but there is a better way out and meditation is one useful and effective way. Depression can be of anything from the career oriented problem to the personal life everything can worry you and your mind. People who stress more always find it difficult to cope with regular situation and hence meditation is a good source to keep them calm and less worried.

Meditation is all about, knowing your inner self, exploring the strengths and weakness hidden beneath your skin. Sometimes the times and circumstances make us weak and depressed but with the aid of meditation one can work on it. Take few deep breaths when you are tensed or depressed and you will know how it works.

Simple thing is that meditation is about feeling positive and that you can achieve by strengthening your inner being.


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