How to palm read

How to palm read

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Palmistry Reading Chart Basics

How-to-palm-readEvery man or a woman has his or her destiny hidden in the palms of their hands. It is said that palm reading can reveal your past and tell you more about your present life than you have ever imagined. So, mastering a discipline such is palm reading could be both beneficial for you and people in your surroundings, as you might tell some interesting stuff to your beloved ones which they can use later in the future.

Palm readers often represent palm reading as reading a map and could be also called a hand chart. For the palm readers, reading a palm is like reading a book. There are three main lines in the hand chart which are a good start for telling someone’s personality, or even destiny, perhaps. These three major lines are present on the both palms, on both left and right hand, but there is a slight difference when performing a palm reading.

Actually, the left hand maps a person’s present life, while the right palm tells the story of the past life. Therefore, palm reader prefer reading the left palm, just because it reflects the present life of the person and reveals the needed information, essential for the individual for whom the reading is performed.

Lines on the Palm

As mentioned, there are three main lines essential for the hand chart and to how to palm read. In order to know how to palm read, it is important to learn the basic things about the palm reading, including the three main lines that we are going to mention here. If you look at you left hand, you will notice three man lines: the upper one or heart line, the middle one or the head line, and the lower, curving one, called the life line.

Notice the depth of the presented three lines. Person who tends to live the life to the fullest, having no regrets whatsoever, will have darker and deeper lines, unlike the person with the lighter lines. People who have lighter lines are the ones who life reserved and much quieter life. Looking at all the aspect of the three major lines will open the doors to the palm reading for the one who wishes to learn this discipline.

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First in the row of how to palm read is the heart line. It is important to remember that this line is not exclusively a romantic line, but it shows the emotional depth of a person and generosity of the spirit. This line is dedicated to the emotions that we show for our family, for the friends, past, and lovers as well. Lighter line doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t have emotions or is unable to feel adequate for someone, but it means that it not easy to open up for others and reveal the true emotions. For those people, it is hard to express the feelings, which doesn’t make them less emotional.

The second important main line in the palm reading is the head line, which is present in the middle of the palm. Depending on the curve of the line, it could be said more about the person’s interests and desires. If the head lin is parallel to the palm and straight, then it means that the person is more talented in logistics, math and science. People who have the head line which is slant downwards and has a curve, then they are more oriented towards the arts and creativity. It is known that most of the painters, musicians, actors and writers have this mark on their palms. The third option is when the line starts straight and curves half the way down. Sincerely, this is the best line to have, since these people have the best from the both of the worlds.

The third line which is one of the most important in the palm reading is the life line. The popular belief is that the lenght of this line determins how long will a person live. That is not true and in fact, it simply reflects the quality of the life which a person will have through the lifetime. Short line represents the people who usually step and hold back from the good things and often tend to live their life without any excitement and action. The long life lines are present at people’s palms who follow their dreams and completely fill their day with various activities.

Significance of the mounts in basic palm reading

An important aspect in how to palm read are certainly the mounts of the palm. There are ten of these mounts and their names have been derived from the name of the planets and other space related objects. These ten mounts are listed as follows: Mercury, Apollo, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars Negative, Plain of Mars, Mars Positive, Luna, Neptune and Venus. Each of the mounts has the meaning, depending whether it is present or not.

Mount of Jupiter is related to leadership, authority and organisation. So, a high and firm mount of Jupiter represents natural leader who is ambitious and intelligent, while the missing Jupiter mount stands for low self-respect. Mount of Saturn is related to the extra-ordinary tendencies and it represents a person who is hard-working, aloof, gloomy and responsible. High and firm Mount of Apollo relates to the outlook on success, beauty and happiness, so these people are usually versatile, adaptable, self-confident, outgoing and quick-tempered. Mount of Mercury is related to the thinking people, so high mount is present when person is crafty, competitive and clever, while Mars Positive is related to the physical courage.

Mount of Mars Negative is related to the perseverance and self-control, while the Mount of Venus represents affection, passion and love. Mount of Neptune tells about our artistic abilities, so if it is high, then a person is charismatic and artistic, while the low mount represents little artistic talent. Last, but not the least, is Mount of Luna, which is related to emotion, creativity and imagination. It is essential to determine which mount is the most dominant, and the most dominant one talks about the person’s personality.

The Lines on the Palm



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