Palm reading heart line

Palm reading heart line

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What Is The Palm Reading heart line?

heart-linePalm reading has always been an interesting topic among people, because it is believed that our own destiny could be read in the palm of our hand. The lines on our palms can tell a different story, depending on the position, look and the features of the line itself. One of the most important lines present on our palm is the heart line. It begins under our little finger and extends under all the fingers. It illustrates the sensitivity of our approach to the world, telling the story of our emotional history.

This line rules the emotional idealism of a person, projecting a sense of passion as well. The line doesn’t only talk about ourselves, but also talks a lot about the people whom we love and how we love these people. The position of the heart line refers to the fact that heart rules over the mind. If the line is straight, then it means that the person is ruled by the intellect rather than the emotional needs. The heart line doesn’t have the strict look, but it often branches out. Such branches represent the factors which influence the heart line reading, showing us where the heart line ends.

How It Begins and Where It Ends

Usually, heart lines ends in the position below the Saturn or Jupiter fingers. If the dominant line of the heart line rises to Saturn, then it can indicate strong monetary connection in the romantic occasions. This means that these people care about how other people spend their money for them, dictating the emotions towards such people. This person is very dependent on material possession and it is the one of the most important things in life.

If the heart line branch splits in the formation between the Saturn and Jupiter position, then person is idealistic. These people are considered to be extremely respectful and can be classified as faithful lovers. Heart line which runs under Jupiter, avoiding the position above the Jupiter mount, indicates a person who is the world’s lover, one who doesn’t attach nor ends in the emotional attachment. If the heart line rises up into the position of mount of Jupiter, such person is money lover. The person whose emotions run very deep are the one who have well channelled, distinctive and deep heart line.

That person, being in connected and deep relationships, allows love to complete the all needs of human experience and making them into one full happiness. Chained or broken line represents inconsistency and flightiness for the bearer. For these people, finding love is a challenge, since their attention span doesn’t last for so much long.

The best start of the heart line is the one where it’s straight, with no breaks and tassels. This means that the child has received needed love from his or her mother, since the period of the birth. The bearer of this line developed an intense emotional body. Heart line which appears to be chained or begins with an island may indicate that the subject was unwanted by his or her mother, which might have led to some life’s difficulties. It may indicate that the child has been conceived out of rape, or that it’s a surrogate child.

Weak and thin heart line shows that the child didn’t received appropriate attention during the childhood. Such possibility may indicate that the mother was ill during or even in the period after the pregnancy. Thicker heart line than usual shows that the child has had excess love during pregnancy period. Another explanation would be that the mother of the bearer hasn’t given her love, possibly because of various physical or emotional conditions.

If both of the hands have distressed heart lines at their beginning, then this means that the repeated choice of incarnation occurred, which didn’t lead to needed growth of body’s emotional parts. Some people, during their lifetime, have their heart lines improved over a longer period of time. Such people, who have changed heart line over the certain period of time, have managed to control their lives in their favour, allowing themselves a much better position when it comes to emotional problems. Proper restructuring of life is indicated by the line which arches towards the life line. Problems related to circulatory system are presented by weak, fine heart line. Such person may suffer from difficult heart condition and even die from a stroke or heart disease.

If you wish to make an analysis of your own, then it would be better for you to compare between the head line and heart line in order to see which one is the bolder. Such differences may indicate from which diseases a person may be prominent to. Marks on the person’s heart line are the true indicator of poor immune system, and a true pointer that the bearer must take care of himself or herself in life.

What can be predicted by the heart line

Heart line represents one of the most important lines to read in palmistry practice. Heart lines come in shapes and size and can talk a lot about person’s emotional problems and advantages, as well as the health features of an individual. As unusual as it may seem, heart line can change its shape of the course of time, indicating that the person has embraced the difficulties in love and has managed to make the bad things into the good ones.

If you wish to know more about your heart line and other lines which are available in palmistry reading, then you should consult a person who is well introduced in this topic. Who knows, maybe palm reading referring to you heart line will show you the way to improve your love life, your emotional behaviour and your health issues, turning them into great things which might be essential for your living.

Palmistry reading can’t cost a lot but can save you a lot of time. You will be able to know more about yourself, embracing your flaws and turning them into advantages. The more we know about ourselves, the better we are able to overcome the life’s difficulties and produce a healthy and happier life.

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