Palm Reading Life Line

Palm Reading Life Line

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Palm Reading Life Line


In the world of there are three major lines. Understanding each of these major lines is one of the basic requirements for proper palm reading. One of the most important lines that you have that can be used to understand more about yourself (or the person you are reading the palm of) is known in Palmistry as the Life Line. There are actually a few misconceptions regarding the Life Line, so let’s take a look at exactly what the Life Line signifies:

What Is The Palm Reading Life Line?

The technical name for your Life Line is the thenar crease. When you look at your hand it is easily identifiable because it is the major line that is situated near the thumb, swooping toward the lower area of the palm. Out of all of the lines on the hand, this one is one of the most important because it represents your general well-being, has the ability to help understand life events, and much more. To truly understand what you palm reading life line has to say about you, every aspect of the line must be thoroughly scrutinized.

How It Begins

The first thing you need to do is locate your life line’s starting point. This is one of the easiest lines to follow because it always starts between your index finger and your thumb. The location of where the life line starts can have significant meaning. When a life line starts just under the base of your index finger (this region is known as the Mount of Jupiter in palmistry) it indicates that the person is capable of being a great leader and is independent. Other life lines, however, may start right above the base of the thumb and form a small triangle on your palm which can mean the person is competitive and full of energy.

Where It Ends

While the palm reading Life Line starts between the thumb and finger, it quickly makes a large arc and travels toward the wrist. By examining where the life line ends, you will be able to judge how long the actual life line in. The length of the life line correlates directly to vitality and well-being in your life. A long palm reading Life Line, for example, may indicate that the person can expect a very healthy life.

Regions Of The Life Line

The regions of the life line are perhaps the most important part of the line. While the beginning and ending points do play an important role in palm reading, life line regions can help determine what lies in the future for your health and well-being. When palm reading, examining different regions for the types of curvature is important. If the curves are smooth without many abrupt changes it may indicate that the future will resemble the same. Abrupt changes or jagged edges in certain regions, however, can help pinpoint difficult times that may be encountered.

Can The Length Of The Life Line Predict Longevity?

Despite the name, the Life Line does not actually tell how long a person will live or how soon they may die. The life line examines a person’s overall health and vitality, not necessarily their longevity. The quality of a life line and the intricate curvature that compose the line are the most important aspects so it is very important to note that a short palm reading life line does not indicate that you will live a short life. On the same point, a long Life Line does not mean that a person will necessarily live a long time.

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