Palm reading marriage line

Palm reading marriage line

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marriage line palmistryPalm reading has been always a debate among the people who had wished to know more about their destiny written in the numerous lines of their palms. Such palm reading also reveal the facts about the relationships, presented by relationship lines. Such lines are also known as affection lines or lines of marriage or relationship lines.

Marriage line or relationship line

These lines are usually present in the position below little finger, on mount of mercury. Ancient literature which considers the practice of palmistry provides a general overview of meanings which stand behind the lines. Yet, most of the palmists, especially in in 1920s era, read for the society’s elite. Therefore, this fact should be taken in consideration when practicing the reading of the lines.

A person is likely to have a better relationships in his or her life if the marriage line is deeper, while shallow line represents a lack of communication, happiness and strength in a certain relationship. If the line which represents the marriage line looks broken, this means divorce, separation, or even a death of a beloved person.

If there are multiple lines present on the palm which is read, then this represents a case where one of the spouses leads the other one into an evil act. Finally, if the broken fragments, which seem to overlay are present, then this indicator tells that the couple will undergo separation before the eventual reunion once again. If the marriage line is about three quarters the size of heart line, then the marriage will occur in the age between 30 and 35. Yet, if a marriage line seems to be closer to the heart line, then this may mean that a person will never get married.

Several marriage lines may be present, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll marry to different people. These lines should not be too deep or wide, because this means that stress will be present in marriage which could reduce the feeling of love. Small signs present on love line means that the person will involve himself or herself in extra-marital affairs.

Children lines

Among the marriage lines, there are also present the lines which are the object of a marriage, and these are the children lines. These lines are also present in the same positions, except that they extend below the mount of mercury and cross the marriage line. If the lines are faint, then this means that the marriage might have miscarriages or abortions.

When it comes to children’s sexes, a straght line which crosses the marriage line represents a male child, while the diagonal line which crosses the marriage line represents a female child. If such lines are faint, then the subject whose palms are being read is going to have more children

How to read it and what it really means

More than one line

If there is present more than a single line, then it may indicate that the subject might interfere in more than one relationship or marriage. Numerous lines curling upwards indicate that the person will learn her or his life’s purpose. Such people don’t quit undertaking or enterprise and are generally considered the item hoarders.

Breaks in the marriage line

Present breaks in the marriage line means that the person will separate with the significant other, but the relationship will be followed by happy reunion.

Straight and long line

A straight and long line usually means that the marriage life of the subject will be completely filled with happiness.

Line curves upwards

If the marriage line turns upwards, then this might mean that the crossing ends in the location between the heart line and the base of the fourth finger. For these people, the marriage is an important factor and in this case, people would like to know and experience what the future bears for them when it comes to married life.

Marriage line bends downwards

The marriage line which bends downwards represents the situation in which the subject will outlive the spouse. If the present lines, which meet the marriage line and don’t cross it, then it’s a secure sign of children who will enrich the married life.


Quite common feature present on our palms is when marriage line crosses the heart line in the horizontal manner. This means that the subject who has such feature has been with his or her soul mate through multiple lifetimes.

A circle on the marriage line

If a marriage line has a feature which represents a circle, then this may represent obstacles which might be in the way of the other people. When the circle appears, it means that the focus is made on leaving a strong impression on other people. This may as well represent a fact that a subject has been controlled by a lover at younger age.

A folk on the marriage line

If this line is present, then breakup of the marriage might be possible. If a marriage line ends in a fork, then there’s an indication that the subject might have many problem with his or her children.

Vertical Lines on the Mercury Mount

The combination of 2-6 lines present on the mercury mount doesn’t represent child lines. These, in fact, represent lines associated with people whose life call is oriented towards the medicine and who have the talent for the call. The lines appear on the palms of the hands of those who care of the sick people, like pharmacists, doctors or nurses. This combination of lines are called “Medical Stigmata”.

Signs of Love Marriage – Divorce & Breakup

The signs of the lines related to marriage line presented above are also the signs which represents whether a marriage will be filled with love or not. Some of the marriages, depending on the present lines on the palm may end in breakup or divorce. These lines also indicate the possibility of these occasions and should be taken in consideration when choosing a significant other or when making a final decision on entering a marriage.

The Lines on the Palm



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