Palm Readings and the Elements

Palm Readings and the Elements

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Palm-Readings-ElementsPalmistry represents a wonderful practice which could be quite fun and interesting for you and the people in your surroundings. Beside the fact that it’s rather exciting, palmistry is also an activity which bears many truthful facts which could be proved. Each of the person’s palms contains valuable information and characteristics that can tell us a lot about the person’s habits, lifestyle and even destiny. It is said that through our palms, it is possible to read our previous actions and past, as well as our present action and future plans.

It is known that each person has unique line characteristics. For example, take fingerprints as a valuable clue in police investigation, with which it is possible to discover to whom the fingerprints belong to. Therefore, each person has unique lines present on the palms of the hands. Since everyone has unique palm lines, it is possible to point out the personality which the palm lines entail. The following guidelines will show you one of the basic things related to palmistry readings and important tricks that should be used in this interesting practice.
One of most essential parts of palm readings is the person’s hand shape. By looking at the person’s hand shape it is possible to determine to which element they belong to. Most of all, it is essential to determine the hand shape before the line examination. The top four hand shapes are represented by the elements stated below, so it is important to read all about the elements as they are the essence of the palmistry reading.


As it is stated, the hand shape is one of the most important features in palmistry reading. First element related to the hand shapes is earth element. For those who have the hand shape in earth element, it is said that they have the thick skin. Also, the length of the fingers is the same as the length of the palms, making them equal. For those people it is said that they are very practical and tend to do the things which are more straightforward and goal oriented, rather than doing things which are not related to the specific thing. The people who have hand shapes in the earth element enjoy to work with the things what they can touch. They are the most comfortable with practical and realistic things happening around them, so they manage such situations really well.

Those people appreciate the physical touch with the things with which they work with. If such people are not able to see or even touch the things with their hands or other senses, feeling the texture against the skin, it is not likely that they will closely examine it and take interest in it. Those people are more likely to deal with the more tangible things. People with the earth element enjoy material goods and physical work, rather than emotional assessments which are present to them.


People who belong to the air element can observe that their palm is slightly shorter than the length of their fingers. Therefore, their fingers are longer than the palms which, according to palmistry practice, may present a special kind of personality. Such people are witty and smart, because of the intellectual presence of the mind. People who have longer finger than the palms are usually very smart and tend to be very knowledgeable. People usually appreciate this radical approach towards the life, so it surely reflects a positive personality.

But, there is a slightest problem which might affect social life of these people. People who belong to the air sing are often shallow when it comes to their social activity. It is no wonder that air element people may appear cold and spiteful when dealing with people in their surroundings. This usually happens when these people thing about the situations and things which make them sad and depressed. Such people are not into the physical objects, like earth element people. They rather like to work with the things and situations which are intangible. The imagination is everything for these people and they tend to think more and let the mind do the work for them. They are more comfortable when working with things, emotions and situations that can only appear in their mind.


If you thought that the air element people had the biggest fingers to palms ratio, then you are wrong. People who belong to the water element are those who have very long and flexible fingers. The width of the fingers is lesser than the width of the palms. For some people, it may appear that these individuals are introverts and reserved. This kind of thought may be a mistake, because people who belong to the water element chose to be introverts in the company of certain people. For those whom they know for a longer period of time, they are very outgoing, witty and ready for action. Being reserved for some people is the true description for water element people. These individuals are usually very accommodating, so finding a true, tolerant way is easy with them.


Unlike for the previous elements, fire element represents the individuals who have shorter fingers compared to the palms. It appears that the palms are longer in length than the fingers and this is what makes them opposite from the water element individuals. Unlike the water element people, fire element people are usually extroverts. These people do not deal only with the things that consider themselves, but care for the others and their problems as well. Fire element individuals get positive feedback from other people as they care for their problems and help them in the various situations. Such people are very conscious with their personality characteristics and usually known their advantages and flaws. Going with the flow is very important for them, but maintaining own instincts and thoughts is on the first place, as well. This gives them strenght for dealing with the life challenges that are ahead of them.




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