What if curing your ailments was a simple as requesting polarity therapy?

At times, it can seem as if we have tried everything in our power to achieve health. From doctor to nurse and so on, many people feel that they have exhausted all of their options for true health. They couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, correcting your health can be as simple as realigning your energy.

What is polarity therapy?

Polarity therapy is a holistic method of healing that touches on the cornerstones of good health. Erected under the belief that most ailments can be cured by removing energy blockages. What are energy blockages? Places throughout your body that inhibit a fluid motion of energy through your body. These blockages can account for a large majority of common illnesses, but we’ll get to that later. In addition to bodywork, exercise, diet, this therapy also employs counseling under this revolutionary jurisdiction. After all, what is one pill going to do for you that nature can’t?

Invented by Randolph Stone, polarity therapy combines many largely respected fields on study including chiropractic, osteopathic, naturopathic, and traditional reflexology. By combining both modern science and new age medicine, polarity therapy is a all around health system that involves a fair degree of self awareness.

This ‘energy’ that keeps being referred to describes the electro-magnetic currents that run through our bodies and help to sustain health that extends from the physical realm into both mental and emotional ailments. There are three main types of energy: Long-line, transverse, and spiral currents. Long-line currents run north and south in the body. Transverse currents run easy and west, and spiral currents start at the navel and expand outwards. When one of these is disturbed, a person’s health is compromised. When these currents are in working order with another, a person is considered to be in optimized health.

Uses of polarity therapy

So how does it work? There are four major components used in polarity therapy. The first is bodywork, which entails a professional mapping out the elements and energy found in the patient. This is where the different currents are identified and the search for blocks begins. Once the problems are found, the practitioner begins to release the tension from problem areas in order to allow the patient to continue to the next step.

The second is stretching. Stretching is a vital part of stimulating the energy within yourself and allowing it to release freely. Stone made sure to outline many different poses and postures from the most respected field of stretching, yoga. Though a practitioner may recommend one over the other, all should be given the attention they need to keep your body’s flow going. Often times, this comes with a radical change in diet. You are what you eat!

The third revolves around mental healing. By becoming self-aware, patients are able to take control over one of the largest aspects of their health. Meaning that polarity therapy teaches coping mechanisms for those who are struggling with a certain aspect of their attitude and helps them discover whether or not they’re method of coping is healthy or destructive.

Lastly, massage is often employed to help patients become aware of the changes that their bodies have undergone during the course of polarity therapy. In fact, many patients experience a new level of awareness, meaning that they are able to tell when their posture is affecting their mood.

Common uses for polarity therapy

Understanding polarity therapy and knowing what people use it for is entirely different. Though it’s arguable that this therapy can used for just about any type of healing a person may need, the most common uses are as follows:

Fatigue– It seems to be something that everyone deals with at one time or another, but when fatigue becomes severe many people seek out polarity therapy to dislodge the blockages that are preventing them from waking up with a smile on their face.

Fibromyalgia– With polarity therapy, fibromyalgia can virtually disappear. As the term is often used as a blanket for when medical professionals can’t find the answer, polarity practitioners know that each pain is related to the electromagnetic field. Many patients find that their pain disappears, and discover that their pain was not a ‘ghost,’ but a block in their energy.

Depression, Anxiety, and Stress– Yet another set of ailments that seem to touch everyone at one point or another. However, patients who use polarity therapy for their depression, anxiety, or stress find that they’re issues are made much more manageable once they have the control.

Osteoarthritis– For those who suffer from degenerate join disease, the healing power of polarity therapy can make a different in how they go to the kitchen to get a glass of water. The flow of energy between joints is especially important, and for that reason many sufferers turn to polarity therapy for a solution.

Irregardless of your needs, polarity therapy is more than a quick solution. With this revolutionary therapy comes a new outlook on life, and in many ways a new ‘you’. By combining both physical and emotional therapies, solutions are long term. In fact, many have found that polarity therapy opens a door to spiritual enlightenment that shows patients a new way of life. A life that is happier, healthier, and more fulfilling. Altogether, polarity therapy is the solution you have been searching for.