Reiki Therapy

Reiki Therapy

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What is Reiki therapy?

reiki therapyReiki represents a Japanese technique which is used for relaxation and stress reduction, which additional promotes healing of an individual. Such technique is based on “life force energy” which is unseen and flows through our bodies, being the main of cause of our living. “Laying on hands” is the principle of administration of Reiki and with such principle, we will be able to change our “life force energy” from low, to higher state. Low state means that we are under stress, or sick, while higher state represents a state of health and happiness.

The origin of the word Reiki comes from two Japanese words – Rei, which basically means “God’s Wisdom” or “Higher Power” and Ki, which represents “life force energy”. When combined together, these two words represent Reiki, or “spiritually guided life force energy.”

Reiki doesn’t represent a religion, but is spiritual in its nature. It doesn’t have a dogma to follow, nor does it require an individual to believe in something in order to gain and learn from Reiki. Therefore, Reiki is not dependant on individual’s beliefs. You might or might not believe in something as a religious term, nevertheless, Reiki will work regardless of it. Since Reiki comes from a higher being, or God, many people who practice Reiki believe that this technique will bring them close to God, religion and their faith, letting them experience their religion in the best way possible.

Since Reiki practice is not a religion, it is surely important to live and behave in order to promote and gain harmony in our own lives and in the interaction with others. The founder of Reiki system is Miao Usui, who recommended that this natural healing system practices unique ethical ideals which promote harmony and peace. The principles of peace and harmony are universal in all cultures and religions, therefore making Reiki an adequate technique for ultimate peace gain.

An individual is the centre of this technique, allowing this treatment to glow a radiant energy that flows through the body and around it. This way, Reiki benefits the whole person, including emotions, mind, spirit and body, by creating many positive effects. Such beneficial effects include feeling of peace, relaxation, wellbeing and security. Many of the individuals who practice Reiki have stated the miraculous results.

Technique, such is Reiki, is natural, simple and safe method of self-improvement and spiritual healing that can be practiced by anyone. It is known that always produces a beneficial effecting, by being effective in helping every known malady and illness. It doesn’t contradict medicine in any way, but it works along with therapeutic or medical techniques in order to promote recovery and relieve negative side effects.

Reiki hands positions for self-treatment

There are exactly twelve basic hand positions used for apply Reiki therapy to yourself.

First position: Put the palms of your hands against your face, cupping your fingers upon the forehead and hands over the eyes. Touch lightly, with no pressure included.

Second position: Put your hands on your head, each hand on each side, with heels of the hands resting near the ears and your fingertips touching at crown.

Third position: Cross your arms behind the head, by placing one of the hands on the back of the head and resting the other directly above the nape of the neck.

Fourth position: Cup your hands and rest your chin inside them, allowing your palms to wrap along your jawline.

Fifth position: Grasp the neck gently inside the V formation formed by the fingers and thumb of one hand. Place the other hand low and rest it between the heart center and collarbone.

Sixth position: Place the hands on the upper rib cage, just below your breasts. Additionally, relax the bend elbows.

Seventh position: Place the hands on the solar plexus area, just above your navel, allowing the fingertips to touch.

Eighth position: Place each of your hands on each pelvic bone, allowing again the fingertips to touch,

Ninth position: Put your arms over the head, by bending elbows and placing the hands on shoulder blades. To reach the shoulder blades comfortably, you can place your hands on the top of the shoulders.

Tenth position: Place your hands behind the back, with elbows bent and placing your hands on the back’s centre.

Eleventh position: Similar to the previous one, but moved slightly lower, is the lower back position. Reach the back, with elbows bent and place the hands on the lowe back region, again on the centre.

Twelfth position: Final hand position is placed in the sacrum area. Similar to previous two positions, lower the arms and place the hands on the sacrum from the back.

Reiki autotreatment

Reiki hand positions for treating others

There are also twelve positions which are used in Reiki for treating others. The positions are following.

First position: Put your hands over the face of recipient. Gently position your palms on forehead, cupping the fingers lightly over recipient’s eyes. Watch out for the nostrils to be open and not constrict the breathing.

Second position: Touch your inner wrists and wrap the hands around the head of the recipent, allowing the fingertips to touch ears.

Third position: Put your hands under the head of the recipient gently. Form a cradle for the head of the recipient in order to rest the head. Allow the hands to relax and rest upon the pillow or table.

Fourth position: Surround the one’s jawline with the hands and allow the fingertips to touch under the chin. Rest the hands near or over the ears of the recipient.

Fifth position: Wrap the hands gently upon the neck of the recipient. Stretch the left arm down and place the hand over heart centre.

Sixth position: place the hands on upper rib cage and directly below recipient’s breasts.

Seventh position: Place the hands on solar plexus area, just above the navel of the recipient.

Eighth position: Place each of your hands over each of the pelvic bones.

Ninth position: Place the hands on recipient’s shoulder blades for a longer period of time, in order to dislodge the stuck negative energies that run through the body and concentrate in this area.

Tenth position: Place the hands lower when compared to previous position, in middle back area.

Eleventh position: Continue lower down the recipient’s body, by placing hands on the lower back.

Twelfth position: The final position is lower than the previous one, in sacral area. Put the hands in this area and apply a gentle pressure.



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