Tarot decks

Tarot decks

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tarot-decksTarot has always been a mystery for people. Since the old times, human has always wondered whether a set of cards can help predicting a future, therefore assigning tarot as one of the most important future predicting methods. In its form, tarot represents a set of seventy-eight cards, which have different, rather symbolic pictures. Yet, a standard deck has 22 cards and it’s called trumps, or major arcana, with additional four suits consisted of 14 cards which are similar to playing cards. These cards are called pip cards, or minor arcana.

In this manner, tarot cards are used for creative visualisation, meditation, problem-solving, fortune-telling, divination and even for different card games. Since most of the tarot decks represent a piece of art, people like to collect them solely for the ultimate joy of artwork. Yet, other part of population likes to research and study the cards and facts which stand behind the tarot.

The true origin of tarot cards is unknown, but there is a theory that the tarot cards originate from many different places, according to various legends. It is supposed that tarot cards have originated in ancient Egypt and even mythical Atlantis, which is still a theme of endless debates. The fact widely known is that the historical evidence shows that the modern beginning belongs to the northern Italy courts, in the period of fifteenth century.

Different artistic approach to the tarot symbols interpretation has produced many distinctive types of tarot decks. Each of the artists has worked on the tarot cards, giving them unique style with their own perspective of the vision. And with tarot system, many themes can correspond, therefore making about thousands of tarot decks available. A great thing about it that there is a tarot deck that can match any belief or interest, and there can surely be a right deck for you.

A question which all tarot beginner ask themselves is how to choose the right tarot deck for themselves. Well, it is recommended to look at different tarot deck types before choosing the appropriate one, finding the artwork and symbolism which suits your personality. There are thousands of decks to choose from, so browsing should be an interesting task.

Tarot for beginners

If you are a beginner to the world of tarot, the choosing a beginner deck would be the most recommended for you. You can choose decks like Universal Waite, Gilded Tarot or Hanson-Roberts, with symbolism and meaning which are easier to comprehend and learn. Tarot decks could be purchased anywhere, and many website offer an excellent range of rare, foreign and new tarot cards.

Some may ask whether buying your own tarot deck is a bad luck for you. Fortunately, the answer to this question is no. This old myth spread among the tarot novices, in which a beginner should be given the deck as a gift, is not a necessary thing. Buying your own tarot deck won’t bring you bad luck, because there’s nothing absolutely wrong about obtaining your own tarot deck set.

A question which also may appear to the beginners is how to recognize and know the differences between oracle and tarot decks. As said before, tarot decks are based on the set of 78 cards, with 22 major cards and 56 minor cards. Unlike the tarot deck, oracle decks represent any other deck of cards which are used for the similar purposes, and can be also referred to as meditation deck, cartomantic deck or divination deck.

Learning the meaning of the cards may be a difficulty, and future readings depend on the knowledge put into the cards recognition and definitions. The meanings of the cards could be found on any of the tarot websites, by reading the part related to Ride-Waite style, which is the most common and the most basic one in the practice of tarot.

Books of tarot

Learning to read tarot can be also the tricky part of the fun and practice. There are various books which can greatly explain the approach to tarot reading and tarot decks. Some of them are Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot and Tarot for Dummies which could be found anywhere.

Popular tarot decks

The most popular decks available, which are the ones mostly used by the tarot readers are surely Rider-Waite, Aleister Crowley Thoth, Tarot de Marseille Pierre Madenie, Dame Fortune’s Wheel, Lo Scarabeo, Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery and many more.

Raider Waite tarot deck


The one which is widely used by the beginners, and later by professional tarot readers, is the Rider-Waite tarot deck. This deck is also known as Rider tarot, Waite-Smith tarot or Waite tarot. This classic tarot deck is one of the most recognized decks in the western world. Being called the first modern tarot deck, Rider-Waite deck cards have been drawn by Pamela Colman-Smith and later commissioned by Waite. These cards were the first to use the detailed pictures, representing the minor arcana cards.

Raider-Waite tarot deck has been originally published in 1910 and the drawings of the images on the cards are rather simply. The background has many details which hide a rich symbolism and some imagery are quite similar to the ones found in earlier decks, yet the design represents an important departure from the predecessors.

Whichever card deck you choose, you won’t be wrong with your choice. The recommended deck is Raider-Waite, while you can choose any other among the thousands of decks available. If you are a beginner, it would be better for you to look for the additional literature or someone who might show you the tips and tricks to this ancient practice.

Please bear in mind to be patient and strict when it comes to tarot learning. The best way to learn about the tarot is to acquire the right tarot deck which will suit your personality. Among thousands of decks, there is the one that will catch your attention and make you love this wonderful discipline. The one who holds the knowledge of tarot in his hands is the one who will hold the knowledge of the world.


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