Teeth-Falling-Out-in-Your-DreamsBelieve it or not, having dreams where your teeth fall out is an extremely common thing. In fact, many who practice dream interpretation say that this is their most commonly inquired about dream. However, the answer to why you’re having these dreams can differ from person to person. There is no set in stone answer, and teeth falling out can represent a great deal of things. But let’s rewind for a second. What exactly is dream interpretation?

How dream interpretation works

Dream interpretation is an index of sorts. Through psychology and communications through divine matters, a series of different meaning are assigned to reoccurring dreams. Practitioners use a number of theories to help you discover what your dreams are trying to tell you, but for many it begins with a three step process that identifies how your dream is formed. The following represents the process of dreaming as most believe it to be:

The first being condensation. In this phase, the dream is dissected in order to pull forth the concepts that are repeating themselves. In this case, information is condensed into a single image or motif that has occurred throughout the entire series of the dream. In a way, this is a way to blanket all of the dreams into one meaning.

Secondly, symbolization comes into play and a practitioner will look over the more minute details of the dream series. In this phase, interpreters are often looking for small or repressed ideas throughout the dream that are meant to symbolize other variables with your issue.

Lastly, secondary revision is employed to see how your dream is tying itself together. At this point, interpreters are trying to figure out how your brain came to the decision to organize the dream in the manor it appeared to you.

Using these factors helps interpreters to tighten the scope when looking through the index of dream meanings. You may be asking yourself: How can I know when a dream is meant to have meaning? Sometimes you won’t be able to deny it, and other times you won’t be able to find it. With that in mind, its recommended that you keep a dream journal. Though you won’t be able to catch them all, try to write down everything about your dreams. Keep your voice is present tense to affiliate yourself with the idea that you’re re-living the dream.

When it comes time to reflect, go through your dream journal and search for reoccurring symbols or even those which grab at your attention. Doing this will help you gain your footing when you sit down with a dream interpreter or go searching through an index or dictionary on your own.

Ready to learn more? Scroll down. Don’t worry, we’ll cover teeth falling out as our conclusion.

Common dream symbols

Before we discuss why your teeth are falling out in your dreams, take a look at some of the most common themes in dreams. Keep in mind that each symbol can mean something different to a different person. The main similarity is that when these symbols appear, it’s time to start the self reflection process.

Being chased show’s that you’re feeling threatened, so many people are asked to reflect on someone who may be holding them back.

Children show a desire for offspring, vulnerability, or the desire to start anew in your life.

Falling represents the anxieties of letting go or the impending fear of failure.

Food often represents the consumption of knowledge. To give irony it’s credit, you could also just be experiencing hunger.

Death is said to represent new beginning or impending end to a relationship or living situation. In addition to new beginnings, it may symbolize your issues coping with the loss of a loved one.

A house is often just a neat way of showing you your psyche as a structure. Everything within the house can represents memories, meaningful events, and a slew of different emotions.

Murder or any sort of killing does not mean you’re going off the deep end, it simply reveals your desire to get rid of a certain part of your personality or a person that consistently presents issues to you.

Money is often associated how an individual vies their own self worth, or that they are waiting for changes to happen in life.

Being caged or trapped symbolizes how you feel you lack the ability to escape or make the right choices in your life.

Automobiles are often life’s way of making you feel that you lack control in your life.

The significance of your teeth falling out in your dreams

Re-live your dream for a moment…. Are they crumbling in your hands? Growing crooked? Rotting? Or simply falling out one by one? Alright, now that you’ve got a handle on dream interpretation and have re-lived the dream let’s discuss why your teeth keep falling out in your dreams.

Teeth do a lot for us. However, when it comes to symbolism they are often said to show you the anxieties you have about your appearance and how your peers look at you. One theory is found to be especially true for middle-aged women… That being that the teeth falling out is a way to symbolize the death of you. Think about it: Our most intimate interactions start with our teeth.

A smile, a kiss, and well… a whole lot more. Obviously, this isn’t taken as a sign that you’re getting old or unattractive, simply that you are becoming more concerned about how you look.

A second theory says when your teeth fall out in your dreams you have a fear of making a fool out of yourself. Maybe you’re worried you don’t have what it takes to complete a task or project. Maybe you feel you will embarrass yourself when speaking to someone. Regardless, you should relax. Often our dreams make everything seem much worse then it truly is.

The last theory we’ll mention connect teach to power. Crunching, biting, ripping, and grinding teeth are all ways that animals (and yes humans are animals, too) show power. Perhaps the loss of your teeth while dreaming stems from a sense of powerlessness. If you feel you are lacking the power, then relax and find a way to express yourself. It’s natural to feel angry when your voice isn’t being heard.

Altogether, dream interpretation is the best way to stay on top of your thoughts and emotions. Though your dreams shouldn’t be taken too seriously, you should definitely consider keeping a dream journal and doing the research when the same dream continues to leave a weird taste in your mouth. Don’t worry, you’re teeth falling out in your dreams does not mean you are in harm’s way.